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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 30, 2015 2:01pm-2:50pm EDT

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the things that came out in the poll that was really amazing -- in iowa, we are leading day -- those are great people. we had such an amazing evening. it was a happening. we just left alabama, which was unbelievable. 31,000 people in a stadium and it was supposed to for -- it was pour.ed to the polls just came out in alabama -- leading big in alabama, leading big in iowa. in new tremendously big hampshire, leading really big in new hampshire. leading big in florida. we have aovernor --
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low energy governor and we have a senator, and we are leading big in florida. how do you do that? you have a senator who is sitting and -- i love florida and i'm there a lot, great weather. you have great weather but florida has great weather. big advantage. i'm leading big in florida, but one of the polls came out. south carolina and north carolina, i'm leading really big. cameuth carolina, a poll out and we had a statement that my level of popularity or favorable -- i'm the only one that can get a poll. i had one poll where i think i'm 41%. 41%. 17 people.
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but there are some people who don't like him. that inns these polls and i get negative publicity. -- it's terrible. have seen you might me. i was in south carolina. the new york times, very liberal paper -- not everyone can be like us, but it is still the "new york times. i'm on the front page a lot. they had a story about me and they had some low level hispanic commentator. i think i'm going to win hispanic vote.
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in a vat, i won the hispanic vote. i love the hispanic people. incredible energy, incredible people. i have thousands that work for me and thousands of thousands over the years have worked for me. they are great people and i said i'm going to win and a lot of hispanics here illegally don't want people coming in illegally. it's true. it's true. ins paul comes out, i think south carolina, where we are way up and lindsey graham is at four and i'm at 30. i wrote him a note, congratulations i'm beating you in your home state by only 26 what who cares. think i'm a nice person and i want to help people
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-- women's health issues to me are very important. to jump bush it was not important because he did not want to fund them and then he says i misspoke. i really want to be a nice person and i am a nice person but it's going to be an election taste on competence. we are tired teeing the patsies for everybody. i think it is time. -- in anotherl act of political magic, trump managed to flip his favorability -- nobodym negative said it, nobody reported it, from negative to positive. i have this photographic wreath -- i want to be sure -- if i use --ord incorrectly favorability rating from negative to positive in one poll during the span of a month -- a
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that a highly respected pollster called astounding. nobody else wrote about it. defies any rule in presidential politics i've ever seen said this highly respected man. 52% in it from 20% to one month and he said he's never seen that before. and you know what? because people have heard this. a tremendous made amount of money. i have had tremendous success. that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. whatever it is. was to me, that statement more important than literally
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killing everybody in the polls. thanre much higher, more double everybody. you saw back when a p act just came out and that was an amazing poll. much, much higher. i was double and quadruple many of these candidates. the reason is people in this country are smart. they don't believe a lot of what they see in the media. why are they even saying it? you would say if someone is good for the country -- i'm going to be good for the country because we are going to make great deals. our country doesn't win anymore. you would think even a liberal person or a democrat -- somebody is going to make the country -- why do they fight mark would think they would say let's do it , it's good for all of us. 19 trillion.
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when obamacare kicks in, which is really kicking in in 16 -- you want to see bad deficits? you are really going to see it go up. that has a huge impact not only on the jobs but the deficit itself. you have seen it yourself -- premiums have gone through the roof, right? the deductibility, unless you are close to death, you are never going to use it. it is so high. 40%,remiums are up 30%, 50% and more. it is a disaster and it's going to cost the country a fortune. so we have to do something about it. we have to do something importantly about it. and i have to tell you -- i won't inch and names, some of them, when they hear my name -- we have a great reporter today
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from the "wall street journal" who came down -- she said some of them when they hear your name, it looks like they are ready to explode. it's true. number one, they look bad because you remember the beginning -- three or four month were saying he's just having fun. i went to a great school, i did everything that's great. i came out, i made a fortune. i then did a book called "the art of the deal was quote and many best sellers. that one is probably the best-selling business book of all times. who is right that? almost everybody. i needed --ay, but the bible trumps it by a long way. trued it in iowa, and it's -- nothing tops of the bible --
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many best sellers and then i do "the apprentice." it's one of the most successful shows ever on television and nbc renewed the apprentice. they came to my office, the head of comcast, great guys -- i will use names, i will just say steve -- she's one of the best in the country. he came up with the heads of nbc and they said months ago, they are renewing we the apprentice, you have to do it. i said honestly, i'm running for president. i want to make our country great again. and they did not believe me. i said it four times. nobody believed i was going to run. nobody. my wife believe me, but now she does. are going toyou
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run, you are going to do great because people love you. she said they love you but i don't want to bring -- i don't want to brag. thank you. -- the nbc guys come up -- terrific people. i have a great relationship with nbc for 12 years. we have many number ones and "the apprentice" continues to do great. burnettnt to renew it # calls up -- he says i don't believe it -- you are not taking a renewal. i said that's right, i'm going to run for president. doesn't take ahe written will. it is unheard of -- primetime television, two hours. are you crazy? i said, mark, i've had to do
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this. we can save our country. we can save our country. so nbc renewed it. i told them i'm not doing it and they finally believed me when i actually announced. they don't like me anymore. it's amazing. that's too bad. thank you. the funny thing about the apprentice -- there have been in copies. every single one of them failed. so a reporter said why do you think that is? i said because i'm special. i was kidding. i sort of meant it, to be honest, but i was sort of kidding and they wrote it -- it sounds good when you say it but it looks bad in writing. i had a great experience, so here i am -- great, great brain, great success, i felt a great
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company, do the apprentice, tremendous success. when i did the apprentice come a certain critics said it will never be successful because to have a big hit, you remember that first -- it had one of the highest ratings ever. remember how that was? to have a great success, you have to have women. i saved the article -- like harry truman saved it -- it said truman loses and he actually one. it said trump can never succeed on television cousin why would women want to watch donald trump? i said am i so bad? women were theut biggest base. so i save those things. but, no matter how you cut it,
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we can do something so incredible. it's going toy, be hard and it's going to be a lot of work. obama always leaves the white house. inc. of it -- you are elected president -- why would you want to leave? i think i would never leave. how cool is that? go to some place and go fundraisers -- maybe there's a rule against it -- i would do fundraisers in the white house. right his wife left -- next door in burbank, california, they left a couple of hours different. one took air force one, one took a beautiful boeing -- two different planes, going to the same location, going to the same airport to do different shows and i say why? why are not -- why aren't they flying on the same place -- on
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the same plane. i know how much those costs because i have one. more important, the time and energy -- but i would have said eleanor whoever is doing the show, let's do it from the white house. i won't spend any money from the taxpayers. think about it. thing, the funny thing is whoever the host is would like it that are -- we are doing our show live from the white house. we don't pay any money, we don't have to fuel up air force one. do you see what it costs to travel in these things? your closing down her bank california. every time obama comes to manhattan. what's going on, you can't move? they've close down the city. he could do it from washington. he could do it in my new hotel
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-- i'm building -- it's true. i'm building an incredible hotel on pennsylvania avenue for the old post office. i got it from the obama administration. one of the most heavily sought history ofing in the the general services administration -- they owned it and they made the decision. this beautiful hotel directly between congress and the white house. time going to open just in -- listen to this 1 -- we are under budget and ahead of schedule. do you ever hear that from government? it will be great. back to use it and go the white house. you say to your self -- it's a mindset. more importantly than the travel, we have so many things
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we have to do -- you don't want to waste time. you've got to make deals. i've got the greatest dealmakers in the world -- carl icahn, an incredible guy. dealmaker. i've got some of the best dealmakers in the world. they are all calling me -- the best in the world. i know the best. i also know guys who are overrated and i know guys you haven't heard of that are honestly phenomenal. ofnow a lot you have heard that are overrated. but i have the best in the world. they don't want money. they are worth billions of dollars. but when i say carl icahn, handle china. we are going to make a great deal. because that's what happens.
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we are going to take back our trade. if you look at china, if you -- i was in los angeles -- i saw the biggest cars i've ever seen with pouring out, one after another, made in japan. it doesn't help us. where does it help us mark we sell them beef. -- dohey don't want it you ever see what's going on? it goes over there and it's perishable, so by the time it gets over there, they turn around and we don't want it and they have cars coming from these pourve ships and they just off the ships. how stupid are we? i leave in free trade. but i have to be fair trade. when you look at japan, they taken money up here and we give them money down here. we give nothing -- it's peanuts.
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balance it out, fellas. you have to balance it. greatnd of mine is a manufacturer. -- it's probably the greatest theft in the united states. they've taken our money, they've taken our jobs, they have taken so much, and they are creating a bubble and we are so intertwined now that the bubble is going to explode. i've made so much money dealing with china. i've made hundreds of millions, probably aliens dealing with china. the bank of america building in san francisco, i own part of people say trump is only they don'tllion -- even know my numbers. they say we haven't been able to look at about 400 of his
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companies. they said he will never run. so they say i will never run. but i'm running. say heannounced -- they will never file his form. that's a single pay where you're signing your life away. it has to be done within 14 days. i signed by form. they said he will never foot in his financials. and you have like 90 days or something and they said he will ask for extensions because he's probably not as rich as people think. but actually i'm much richer. i put in my financials -- it's true. webes and another group said don't know what these companies are. i put in these massive bragcials and i wanted to
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-- it's such a great company i built. they said he will never put in his financials. very little debt, tremendous value and great assets -- iconic assets. i have some of the greatest real estate in the world and i'm very proud of it. they say he will never file. and they have boxes. it wasn't meant for somebody like me. they have these little boxes and they say is it worth or does he make a million dollars? is $50 million or more. old things worth more than that and a lot of assets worth more than that. 50 million or more. i think it is 23. i check -- i think it's 23. they will kill me if i'm wrong,
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but i'm not sure. -- do you's like 23 know what some of these guys do to try to marginalize you? -- 23 50's.p some of them are worth a billion dollars. some of them are worth more than a billion. they will take fifth the million dollars for a living that might be worth a billion dollars and they add them up and say he's worth $2.9 billion. this is the press. it's not meant for a guy like me but with all of that, the statements are so good. and last night was incredible. we had an amazing event in massachusetts. look at this -- what the hell are you doing in nashville?
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what is that? dropped those people with me. what are you doing here? i am -- ice went millions of dollars on jet fuel. a lot of money. sign,mebody puts up a $100 to go to this thing. i don't know who did it. all over the place, i'm spending millions of dollars. i'm turning down millions -- i don't want your money. talking put a sign up about a $100 contribution which you did not have to make. over the internet -- trump is asking for $100. i fly my plane someplace and it costs a fortune. the money i raised last night goes toward paying off and expense or something -- guy who had it -- this great guy -- really successful guy.
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him -- bernie. he will sell you a car any day of the week. up. people showed i don't up a sign -- want the money. i've might like $4 million or five ilion dollars, that's hard to turn down. people came in free and i and that with this big story -- trump accepting contributions. i got so angry at my people because somebody put up a sign saying $100. and honestly -- it's peanuts. it doesn't mean anything. to try tose it marginalize. they always do. the bottom line is i am self funding my campaign. i don't need money. said, this money
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comes in and it's not a lot of money, but it is great money. peter will send me some money, but a woman sent me seven dollars with a beautiful letter from georgia. and otherperson -- persons at me $12 -- it doesn't amount to a lot, but that i do like coming in because they invest in the campaign. how do i take it seven dollars check and send it back to the ? i'mn who sends it to me sorry, i don't want your money? invest and they are not going to tell me to do this or not do this for china and they gave me $5 million. who wanted lobbyist to give me $5 million and i turned him down. i turned him down and i see this story on cnn last night and it
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was disgusting -- this sign -- $100. -- it wasoes the sign a beautiful sign if you want to know the truth. thingre doing this day all day long -- we have this incredible event and they totroyed it by trying marginalize and that's the press, that is the media. criminal media -- there is some truth to it. a lot of times, they know it's wrong, but i want to tell you -- it's so important than last night was such an incredible fort, it had to be a record a house. the guy has a beautiful house in put up a tent, but we had 2000 people. it had to be a record. the spirit in that group, the spirit in alabama was so incredible. the spirit in our last meeting in iowa. don't forget -- you know what i
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love? with the tea party big. i love the tea party tea party people stand up and take a bow. you have not treated fairly. you have not been treated fairly. people talk about the tea party marginalizing -- at least i have a microphone and i can fight back. the tea party people are incredible people. a work hard and they love their country and all the time by the media. up all the time by the media. you don't know the power that you have. the tea party -- and you can call it anything you want. i don't care about names. the tea party has tremendous power. democrats, it's for people, it's rich people, it everybody.
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it's evangelicals. , i'm arotestant presbyterian. poll and these like jeb great -- guys bush and hillary higher bolsters and pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars. what do you have to do that for? rich, i could hire 100 pollsters -- why should i pay? one once like 150 dollars a month. a inkre arrogant guys in they can tell you what to say and you have to be politically correct -- i don't have time. it's true. time.t have it takes a lot of time to be politically correct. you saw the anchor baby thing.
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it's the same network, cnn again. he said you know the name anchor baby is very insulting. i said what would you call it and he gave me like nine words ?- i said how can i say that it's too long. it's anchor baby. caughtn jeb bush gets because he's such a nice person -- honestly. nice person, you should vote for jeb. the country's going to go to hell, but we will talk about that. -- jebwant a nice person has a memo that he signed of basically a politically correct memo -- don't say this or don't say that. one of the things -- never use ." all,m "anchor baby
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he's using this term -- and when i used it, nobody criticized me. they expected it. with him, they just killed him. then he blamed it on the asians. did you hear that eschew mark and the new york times did an editorial -- how dare you attack the asians. he said that agents come in and they have anchor babies and now the asians all hate them. it's true. but the asians love me and i love them. i love them. memo and he signs the memo and it says don't use this term and now he's using it because he has to because think of it -- i want to build a wall. it's so easy. [applause] clown -- she's a
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baseball player -- jose reyes is a baseball player. when raymo's got up the other day, screaming and ranting and i had all of these orders -- the reporters were on my side, but this guy starts screaming, so i had liberal people from cbs -- this guy stands up and starts screaming. i got a lot of credit for the way we handled it. , except -- anything donald railedid at him and screamed at him. i did not rail at him, but he was screaming at me. worse than that, they said i wear a to pay. i proved it -- i won't bring anybody yet, but i don't. but ink about it -- i'm on the front page of the new york times
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-- think about it, i'm on the "front -- i'm on the front page of the "new york times" saying they call them something, which means that he wears a to pay. i'm on the front page and i can't even talk about it. essentiallywas screaming at this guy from univision, who i happen to be suing for $500 million. they did not mention that. they also did not his daughter works for hillary clinton. you didn't know that? they did not mention that. they said i wear a to pay and i was screaming. then we let him come back and we had a nice talk and he seemed like a nice guy -- he was a very emotional and. he said you can't will the wall because you can't do it. 2000 years ago, in china -- we
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always get back to china. 2000 years ago, the great wall of china. this is a serious wall. this is a wall you do not go through easy. they built a wall 2000 years ago that is the team thousand miles. think of that. that's a serious wall. this was 2000 years ago. it took them 500 years to build it -- it took a long time. they had no tractors. they did not have caterpillars. use commodities because they are cheaper. --y devalue the yen so much caterpillar stock is down. we will change that, believe me. will.ey built this 2000 miles as opposed to
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13,000, but you don't need it. some you have natural landscape -- 10 years ago, everybody wanted the wall else. hillary wanted the wall. i'm not a rendering guy. a lot of these guys come in with renderings and it never gets built. i'm the opposite. i get it else. one of the reasons it could not get elders they could not get an approved environmental impact study -- one of the reasons they could not get it built was because they could not get an approved environmental impact study. they could not get it approved to build a wall and they are telling people we have a legal immigrants -- you see it with san francisco, with so many people last night in nasa chooses -- i met some unbelievable families who have been devastated by illegal immigrants who come into the
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country until members of their family. a female, a veteran got raped, sodomized, tortured and killed. andd, sodomized, tortured killed. 66 years old, by an illegal immigrant that they caught. luckily, but this is what we have. we have stupid people in our government and we have people pouring across the border and we have great border patrol people. i went there -- that's why the hat is so successful. everybody wants to buy the hat. not sell soen did well but the red one is hot. crazy thing. i went to the border and i got to know the people and i saw people and it is rough stuff. did myfirst came in and
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opening statement that i was running for president, i talked about illegal immigration. rush limbaugh, who i think is a terrific guy. --h limbaugh said trust trump has received more incoming and in any -- and then i think he's going to apologize and he doubles down. i got credit. they thought i was going to apologize stop i don't mind apologizing, but i have to make a mistake to apologize, but i was right. , i tookwo weeks incoming, meaning that media. be likef it's going to this for the next year and a half, i don't think i can make it. many of the people who talk that only because of me is
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everyone talking about illegal immigration. they wouldn't even be talking about it. we are going to get the gang members and baltimore and chicago. one of the first things i'm going to do is get rid of those gang members. look at what's going on in chicago and ferguson -- we are going to get rid of those tank members so fast. we can be really tough. are tough we need law and order. we need law and order. allowed in that first night in baltimore, they allowed that city to be destroyed. they said it back 35 years and one night because the police were not allowed to protect people. we have incredible law enforcement in this country and
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the head of the police in chicago is a person i know. he's a phenomenal guy. he can stop gangs if he's allowed to stop them. we have some incredible people but we have to be tough and we have to be smart. you are going to have that apple and it is disgusting and it is horrible, but it's a tiny percentage. the good work does not get shown on television, which is 99.9%. the good work with the police is 99.9%. and it is horrible -- i agree. sick when you looked at some of them just like i was, but we need law and order. we need our police. they do a phenomenal job but they are afraid to do anything. i won't mention names, but i know cities where police are
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even afraid to talk to people because they want to retire and have their pension. wonder why there is crime and our cities. we need a whole new mindset. we have to build up our military. we have to make our military so strong. we have to make our military so powerful and strong that we never have to use it. we have to focus on what we have -- ukraine. i want ukraine to be healthy, vibrant, and good. we areaine, germany -- sending f-22's -- the newest fighters, the best and the world. we want to stand alongside of them, but why are we leading the fight? putin hates obama.
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i think we would get along great if you want to know the truth. he has no respect for our president and our president doesn't like him. i would get along with these people. every country is ripping us off. deal, russia is a big that fishery because they are going to sell iran missiles with the money we give to iran, so one of the biggest beneficiaries as russia. let's take a few of these things and then i'm getting the hell out of here and going back to new york. maybe i will go to the grand ole opry tonight. can i do that? this is not a politician speaking. i love country music. i love it. trace adkins, right? who else one on the apprentice? john rich. mike kids love those two guys. and who else did really well?
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went black. clint black. said who the hell is he? i did not know who he was and is that she was not a dig name. his record or album or whatever you call it now days. whatever it was, it went to number one. it came to me the next year and he came in second and then he came in first. he's a fantastic i stop these are great people. these are great people. he came to me and he said last year i couldn't get into the show and this year i'm posting it all because of you. right? great.hree guys are make our country so
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strong. we have to make our country rich again. a person came up to me and said that's not nice. what's not nice is mark to say we're going to make our country rich. we are a debtor nation. we know $19 trillion. china, we 01 $.4 trillion. they come and take our job, they take our base and their factor point $4 them one trillion. how do you do that? it's like a magic act. japan sells as cars by the million and make a fortune. they sell us cars by the millions and we oh them the exact same amount. we oh them $1.4 trillion. how come if they are selling us cars we oh them money?
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if we buy all these cars, i'd we have the money? because they take all of that money that we make and by our bonds. they take the interest and we oh them money. it's not even going to be hard. obama never read "the art of the deal." is sharonaid -- where -- she gave me such a hard time. where the hell is she eschewed mark you can have both of them stand up actually. sharon is great. did they go after her. where is my other sharon. get the hell off stage. [laughter] she took a lot of incoming. get off stage. thank you, darling.
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we are going to do something that, if i get elected, and again, they said he would never -- give me a guys break, it's not going to happen. one guy -- john mclachlan. you ever watch that? i like him. one of the people said donald trump is a great businessman, but he will never make it as president. mclachlan, he's a guy who i like -- i never met him but he's sitting there and he got angry. he says why wouldn't he make it mark he's been a tremendous success at everything he's done. i go all over the world and see his name. he has had great access. he said he is a man of great achievement.
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why wouldn't he make it? nice and thewas so other guy just sort of shut up. greated somebody of achievement. i don't have to worry about obama care. i take such good care of my employees. we have great plans. my employees are lucky. they had the lotto. i take care -- education, health care, my people are very happy, but i've done this for a long .ime and i've seen up and downs i've seen market crashes and friends of mine go bankrupt. i've never gone bankrupt. they say trump goes and grabs -- these people -- when other people do that, they do it all the time, it's called using your head. it's called using the laws.
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i did a good job in the debate when chris matthews so angrily -- i do it every great businessman does. was sort of interesting. a friend of mine had it -- a good guy and the banks just were killing him. thanks can be mean. we have to teach them how to behave. guy -- i did him a favor and called up and said do this, do that, we won't do that -- you are making a mistake. --was a little complicated immediately i said don't do this. i threw it into a chapter and they come out with trump files bankruptcy. they see me walking down the street and they go pay -- they ey.h
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i'm good at that stuff but you have to use the laws to your advantage. atlantic city -- caesars went bankrupt. caesars filed for chapter 11. nobody cares. and you are right. everybody in atlantic city -- the financial media gives me great credit because i have a vision for things. i said don't go into iraq even though i'm a very militaristic person. i said you are going to destabilize the middle east. what do you get? $2 trillion, thousands of deaths like 5000 -- wounded warriors who i love all over the place. -- iran is taking over is taking over iraq. is oil they don't get, isis getting. what do we get?
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nothing. we got far less than nothing. i had vision in 2004 -- reuters -- trump says don't do iraq. i'm much more militaristic than bush and even the brother but you have to know when to use it and when. with atlantic city, seven years ago, i got out. i should get credit for vision. normally i would not say this, votes.'ed your do you understand? i have great credit and i got out. grabbed, buthen i i made a lot of money in atlantic city and had a great time. but i gave a great dancer and thought i solved it. we are going to do things that are going to make you so proud if i win. we are going to have victories
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again. in front of the audience -- i've never said this before -- last night in front of areaudience, i said we going to have so many victories -- we're going to win on trade and militarily, just having great strength that nobody is going to mess with us. victories, in fact, you may get tired of victories. everyone stood up and said no, no, we want to keep winning. if i win, we will have victories. we will win on trade. we will win on health care. we will win on everything. i will protect your social security without cuts. we are going to have something that is so special and i told the -- i will say at once -- we
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will make america truly great once again and thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you, all day long, he has been holding. thank you ari much. -- thank you very much. give me that. ♪ ♪